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Agathos Biologics is a biotechnology company pursuing transformational science in biomanufacturing, biologic payload delivery, and cell and gene therapy.  Discoveries in bioprocessing and genetic characterization and control have created an abundance of scientific possibilities that can help us all lead better lives.  Our mission as The Good Science Company is to create breakthrough products and services within a strong ethical and moral framework that benefits everyone. We believe in Science that Serves and have a relentless focus on serving our clients, employees, and society.

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Let Us Begin

We have initiated research projects to engineer cells to be better at what they do:  producing biological molecules.  We are developing biological systems to facilitate better delivery of therapeutic molecules, including proteins, enzymes, and nucleic acids, directly to cells.  We are pursuing therapeutic programs that have to potential to significantly improve human health.  We believe we can accomplish these goals by doing Good Science that adheres to ethical principles.


Open Positions

Be part of The Good Science Company

We are expanding our staff with creative individuals who are willing to look at science and the status quo and think differently.  We want to build a team that encourages one another to improve lives in the broadest sense of the word.  Please review our open positions and select them for more information.

The Laboratory Research Associate will work with the research and development team to conduct experiments in biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology designed by senior staff.


Agathos Biologics Leadership

James W. Brown, Ph.D.

CEO, President & Co-Founder

James has twenty years' experience in biotechnology, from start-ups to the largest pharmaceutical companies. James has held a variety of senior executive roles in information technology, manufacturing, and technical operations. He is passionate about service-based leadership and believes that a revolution in biotechnology can be achieved by doing Good Science.


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